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FAQ about Refrigerator Water Filters

  • How do I track my order?
    We will send you a tracking number along with your order confirmation the same day as your purchase.
  • How long does it take to receive my order?
    Your order is USPS priority shipped, the normal delivery time is between 1 to 3 business days.
  • How can I cancel my order?
    You may contact us by email at or call us at 469-FILTERS (345-8377) in order to process your cancellation or return.
  • How often should I change my refrigerator water filter?
    It is recommended to replace your water filter every 3 to 6 months, depending on use. The porous activated carbon inside the filter will trap the contaminants and eventually will be filled and start to slow the water flow. Changing your water filter periodically will also help prevent gunk buildup and water contaminants entering into your water and ice.
  • How do I install my new refrigerator water filter?
    Most manufacturers have a counterclockwise removal procedure and a clockwise install procedure to install a new water filter. Please review our installation instructions on our website to view your model's specifc instruction.
  • How do I flush my new refrigerator water filter?
    Flushing your water filter will remove the carbon dust that has accumulated inside the water filter and remove air in the water filter. Place a medium size water pitcher under the water dispenser and press the water release button to remove air, carbon dust and water. This process takes approximately 3 to 4 medium size pitchers or 4 to 5 glasses of water to flush. Once the water flow is smooth and the water is clear, your filter is ready.
  • How do I reset my refrigerator filter indicator light?
    Most manufacturers reset procedures are to press your FILTER or FILTER RESET button from 5 to 7 seconds. Please check our website for specific filter reset specifications in our installation manual. If this reset procedure is not applicable for the new filter, please refer to your refrigerator's owner manual.
  • Who is Ready Filters?
    We are appliance industry experts with over 25 years of experience in the Americas. We have built up a reputation to become one of the most reliable brands in the major appliance industry. Our reliable and affordable replacement water filters are NSF/ANSI certified for your protection. Select our water filters and rest assured you've made the right choice for your home, giving you piece of mind for you and your family.
  • Where are your filters manufactured?
    We have 2 versions of water filters, Made in USA and assembled in China. The part number that ends in A are assembled in China and part number ending iin A-P are Made in USA. All material and parts are from USA and Japan.
  • What does NSF/ANSI 42 certification mean?
    Filters are certified to reduce aesthetic impurities such as chlorine and taste/odor. These can be point-of-use (under the sink, water pitcher, etc.) or point-of-entry (whole house) treatment systems. Ready Filters® are NSF/ANSI 42 certified to remove chlorine, odor and particulates.
  • What does NSF/ANSI 53 certification mean?
    Filters are certified to reduce a contaminant with a health effect. Health effects are set in this standard as regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Health Canada. Both standards 42 and 53 cover adsorption/filtration which is a process that occurs when liquid, gas or dissolved/suspended matter adheres to the surface of, or in the pores of, an adsorbent media. Carbon filters are an example of this type of product. Ready Filters® are NSF/ANSI 53 certified to reduce contaminants lead and chloroform.
  • What does NSF/ANSI 372 certification mean?
    This standard establishes a standardized methodology for the determination and verification of product compliance with a maximum weighted average lead content requirement of 0.25 percent as required by the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act. Currently eight states reported requirements for compliance with NSF/ANSI 372 and two additional states have regulations or legislation requiring certification or conformance to a 0.25 percent weighted average lead content for products conveying or dispensing drinking water. Ready Filters® are NSF/ANSI 372 certified for lead free compliance.
  • What risks are there with so many counterfeit water filters on ecommerce sites with fake reviews?
    It's important to know where and who you are buying a refrigerator water filter from. In recent years there has been an increase of online sellers promoting "Certified" water filters from Asia with fake reviews. These online sellers claim to have certifications by falsying or copying the certification from another company. This has triggered many organizations to fight back against the counterfeit makers of refrigerator water filters to protect customers by authenticating. The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) are now pursuing legal actions against these fake online sellers and buyers. Only buy your Ready Filters® products from authorized distributors or directly from
  • How do I check my local water?
    You can check your local annual drinking water quality report or the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) with the EPA. Another way to check your local quality by entering your zip code with the EWG Tap Water Database.
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